10 Ways to Add More Freedom to Your Life

November 10, 2011 | Business, Communication, Delegation, Systemizing | Beth Schneider-Wachner

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Freedom in Business

10 Ways to Add More Freedom to Your Life

By Beth Schneider

A few years ago I began working with a business coach, Melanie Benson-Strick of She had us do an exercise that helped us identify what our top values. Freedom was definitely one of the things at the top of my list. Because of that I have spent a lot of time and energy building a business that supports my need for freedom. Brian Tracy defines success as, "the ability to live your life, the way you want to live it, doing what you enjoy most, surrounded by people you admire and respect." So essentially doing what you want, when you want, with people you really like to hang out with. Sounds like freedom to me! If you are like me and crave freedom, here are 10 things you can do in your own business.

  1. Create blocks of time. Think of your business as a book. Make a list of all the main "chapters" then lay out time in your calendar for those chapters so you know when to work on each piece of your business. Once you are done, it's time to play.
  2. Let someone else manage your calendar. Set up an online calendar so that someone on your team can set and manage your appointments.
  3. Empower your team to make decisions without you. Free yourself from questions by setting policies around things like product returns or customer service issues. When a customer calls in with a question your team will handle it without having to bring it to you.
  4. Clone yourself. Spend the time to document how you do things so you can scale your company. For example, instead of doing all the one- on-one client consulting myself, I have trained consultants and they handle it.
  5. Write out a new client set-up process. When the excitement of a new client is all around you it's easy to skip or miss steps that you intended to do, but just never got to. Create a series of steps that all new clients go through so you are not reinventing the wheel over and over again.
  6. Schedule a recurring meeting with your assistant. Meet on a regular basis to discuss projects, give assignments and check progress. When communication is strong between you and the people helping you, things happen faster.
  7. Learn how to use the technology you already own. Take a look at some the programs you use on a regular basis like Outlook, ACT!, Camtasia, etc. Explore and learn some of the intermediate to advanced features. You'll be shocked at how much time you can save when you stop fearing your software and start embracing it.
  8. Actually use the systems you create. This is my favorite. Don't write a system and stick it in the drawer. Share it with your team, tape it to your wall, assign it to someone. Implement, implement, implement. Did I say implement?
  9. Checklists are your friend. When you are handling a task that is only done occasionally or you want to delegate it to someone else, jot down a list of all the steps. With a list of steps and actions to complete it's easy to make sure nothing is skipped.
  10. Plan out your projects. Be proactive by laying out all the steps of your project so you have a handle on everything. One of my clients, Christine did this. Instead of stressing out and handling everything for her big product launch last minute, she laid out all the systems and instead went on a week long family vacation.

Now that's freedom. Go ahead, you can do it. Pick one of these and implement it into your own business today. **************** © 2009 Beth Schneider, Process Prodigy, Inc.

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