3 Business Lessons I Learned From Playing Angry Birds

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This is a personal favorite article of mine - I do love Angry Birds. I'm totally addicted.


3 Business Lessons I Learned From Playing Angry Birds

By Beth Schneider, President & CEO, Process Prodigy

angry birdI really hate to admit this, but I am seriously addicted. Don't tell anyone, but I can't get enough of the game Angry Birds. It started innocently as an app that I downloaded onto my Andriod phone and quickly became the game that I just couldn't put down. If you aren't familiar with the game, let me catch you up.

Basically you use a virtual sling shot to shoot a variety of birds at different objects with the intention of hitting the pigs that stole their eggs. It's very intellectual. So leave it me to find business lessons in a simple game.

Lesson 1: All the birds have different strengths

In the game there are 5 different kinds of birds. Some fly fast, some explode, some crush glass, others wood. Each one has their own strength and you want to take that into account before you start shooting. It's easy to just wing wildly and let the bird go where it pleases. it's the same thing your business. I often see people picking team members and randomly assigning them things that aren't their strengths. Just like you want to be strategic about how you shoot each bird, you want to be strategic about your team. Clearly define the role and then search out people who have strengths around the needs of your role. When you do this, more often than not you'll hit the shot.

Lesson 2: Keep doing the same thing, you get the same results

In the game, it's easy to keep shooting the same birds, the same way, in the same place...and not see results. Most of the time I have found that varying where I am shooting the bird or changing the angle has led to success. The way I had been doing it didn't work so I tried something new. This is really a systems lesson. If you are doing something the same way and the results are not what you want, then you have to change something in order to be successful.

You've proved it doesn't work, so instead of continuing along that path that doesn't work, try something new.

Lesson 3: Help is available

After you fail a level, the game conveniently points you to online help. There are tons of examples of how to win the level. No, it's not cheating, it's helping. Someone else has already done the hard work. They've figured out the steps, the system, the ideal way to go. In business why would you want to work so much harder when there is someone already out there who has already found "the way"?

Don't be afraid to seek out help, whether it's online in forums, colleagues or paying for the right mentor.

And my mother always told me that video games would do nothing but rot my brain. I'm glad she was wrong.


© 2012 Beth Schneider, Process Prodigy, Inc.

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