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October 12, 2012 | Business | Beth Schneider

Happy birthday to ME! Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the day at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. I've loved that place since I was a kid and I still love it just as much today. And yes, I wore my Minnie Mouse ears all day... and don't tell anyone I'm wearing them today too. Guess it's a good thing I work from home.

Jeff topped off the day by taking me to Carthay Circle at Disney California Adventure. It's their new fine dining restaurant in the middle of the park with amazing food and outstanding service. Plus they don't look at you like you're crazy when you walk in wearing Minnie Mouse ears. If you're visiting Mickey any time soon, check it out

Tons of stuff happening here in Process Prodigy land as well. Our complimentary Double Time "Two"esday series is back in full swing. Plenty of time to join us.

Dana and Renae were bombarded with notes from people who really wanted to attend the live intensive last month, but just couldn't swing the travel. So we're opening the doors on a VIRTUAL workshop called the Million Dollar Marketing Systems. Just you, your computer, a cup of coffee and three essential step-by-step marketing systems that will help make your marketing easier, more efficient and a whole lot more profitable. All the details are here ====>

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Live VIRTUAL Workshop

October 17, 2012

Million Dollar Marketing Systems

It's exciting to be able to disappear from the office for a day ...or a few days and know that leads are still coming in and sales are still being made. That's why we're opening the doors on a VIRTUAL workshop called the Million Dollar Marketing Systems. Just you, your computer, a cup of coffee and three essential step-by-step marketing systems that will help make your marketing easier, more efficient and a whole lot more profitable.

It's about creating key marketing systems ON THE SPOT so that you can implement fast and start seeing results FAST.

Join us October 17. We'll cover the three marketing systems we most commonly work on with our clients...BECAUSE THEY WORK and they are HIGHLY UNDER-UTILIZED.

Do You Have Special Pants?

By Beth Schneider, Process Prodigy

These days I find myself doing a lot of writing. I have a whole routine; grab a cup of coffee, close down all programs except for a word document, since I like to scribble notes I keep a pad and pen handy. I also like to be comfortable, so yes, I have special writing pants.

Even with the routine, I often find myself sitting and staring at a blank screen. Tapping my finger on the pad, scratching my head and getting frustrated, which makes it hard to think, which makes it harder to write. UUUGGGHH!

People ask me all the time how to get started with putting systems in place. It dawned on me that these same people might have their own routine. They get motivated, put on their special systems pants and then stare at a blank screen.

Focusing on HOW you do thing in your business is the key to squeezing 2-3 times the results from your existing team, and marketing efforts so lets make this easy to get started. No more starting at a blank screen.

Oh, and special system pants are not required.

There are 3 Essential Systems that every business, no matter what the size, must have. In my Outrageously Effective Systems club, we call these the core systems.

- A system for Overcoming Sales Objections

- A system for Setting Up New Clients

- A Project Management system

Overcoming Sales Objections

Take a close look at the excuses . . .er . . .I mean reasons people tell you they are not ready to buy. Then one-by-one, create a list of things to say and do to turn those reasons to walk away into reasons to buy. The biggest complaint out there is, "I don't have enough clients." This is an essential piece of your business because it keeps the clients coming.

Setting Up New Clients

I bet you've been in this situation. You go into a store and the clerk follows you around, attending to your every need. That is until you hand over the cash. Once you've given up your money, all of a sudden it's like you are invisible. What do you do to your clients once they've said yes? Every marketing guru in the world will tell you it's easier to sell more to an existing client than to go out and get a new client. So what are you doing from the start to make sure your clients feel like royalty? Lay out all the new client steps ahead of time so each and every one feels completely taken care of. When your clients feel good, they buy more from you and then they tell their friends to buy from you.

Project Management

The dream is to be able to kick back and enjoy your life while your business runs without you. Unfortunately, the more common scenario I see are stressed out, overwhelmed and stuck business owners. Mostly this happens because they've fallen out of the driver seat and their business is driving them rather than vice versa. You can get back into the driver seat by laying out pieces of your business as if it were a recurring project. For example, my client Michele takes each and every client through a series of steps and tasks. By documenting those tasks she made it easy for her team to understand exactly what she needs them to do and how to do it. For your own situation, pick something that happens over and over, maybe coaching clients, launching products, doing teleclasses, etc. Lay out each and every step so that you can repeat those same steps instead of reinventing the wheel.

Next time you sit down to figure out how to free up your time and make things easier, think about the core systems.


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