4 Steps for Getting Focused and Results Oriented

December 3, 2009 | Business, Systemizing, Teamwork, Time Management, Uncategorized | Beth Schneider-Wachner

I hope your Thanksgiving was as much fun as mine.  

I'm still a bit tired from eating all that turkey, cranberries, sweet potatoes....ok now I'm hungry.   I did something I've never done before. Since I don't love big crowds I usually avoid stores on black Friday, but this year my brother and I hopped on over to an electronics store so he could help me pick out a new computer.   I just LOVE my new laptop.
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My guess is you are busy planning for the new year. You know "what" you have to do.   You have to FOCUS.   But no one ever tells you exactly HOW to focus.   Well, until now.   This week's article shows you how to hanker down and focus so you can get better results in less time.



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4 Steps for Getting Focused and Results Oriented
By Beth Schneider
 Isn't it ironic that time management, a process that is supposed to make work - and life - easier, actually seems like such a difficult and tedious task?  
We want the final outcome of the process; the organization, the free time, the sense of achievement when things actually get done.   We just don't want to exert the effort it takes to get there.   It's right up there with wanting to have a flat, washboard stomach, but being unwilling to do any exercise.   I wish I could tell you there was a magic pill or a quick fix, but there just isn't.  
That doesn't mean it has to be difficult and tedious, though.   You might claim that time management doesn't work for you, but I would challenge that and suggest that you have not truly worked it.  
Let's go back to the exercise scenario. Many of those who decide to lose a few pounds are really excited... at first.   They get a gym membership; buy a shiny new pair of sneakers, set the alarm for 5 am and head out at full steam... for three or four days.   After that, it's right back to our lousy, old habits.   It's not that we don't know WHAT to do; it's just that we're biting off too much at once. It's like shoving an entire sandwich into your mouth - without chewing.
Here are some specific steps - so you remember to chew.
Take one bite at a time.   Identify one thing in your business that you know needs your focus.   You might start with client meetings, preparing for speaking engagements, talking to leads on the phone, creating a new product, training your team, or answering questions.   Choose one "bite" and start "chewing" there.  
Pick one day of the week when you will spend some time on that particular item.  
Decide which hour of that day will be designated for focusing on the item.   Here's where discipline comes in:   Mark that time in your calendar as if it was a meeting with your number one client.   Would you break that meeting?   Probably not.   Would you take phone calls during that time?   Nope, it just wouldn't happen. Would your team interrupt you during that meeting?   Not if they want to stay on your team.  
Train yourself and your team to respect the importance of that single hour.   Your team will get it.   It's you who will likely be the problem. You will have the unenviable task of convincing YOURSELF to focus for that hour and not do anything else.  
It takes some time and it takes practice, but you'll start with one hour and soon find it easier and easier to schedule things and hold to your schedule. This will lead you to that desirable outcome; having the time to do the things you are really good at - that will propel your business forward. Don't be dazed and confused... there's no time slot for that!
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