5 Business Lessons I Learned From Working Out

August 17, 2015 | Motivation | Beth Schneider

I enjoy taking the time to meet with my personal trainer. I recently took some time to update my work out routine. The best part of exercising is the results. I love seeing how my body changes and the best part is people who haven't seen me in a while say things like, "wow, you're so skinny".

So what does my new skinny body have to do with developing business systems?

Actually it has a lot to do with it.

Here are five business lessons I've learned from hanging out in the gym.

Small Steps Will Eventually Lead to Big Leaps
When I first started working out, I'll be honest it had been a while since I'd been in the gym, so, we started slow; 20 sit-ups at a time, 5 lb weights to work my arms, walking on the treadmill slowly. What this did was lay the foundation of where we were going. Now I do somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 sit-ups at a time and yesterday I was pulling down 90 lb weights. It was those first tiny steps that got me to where I am today. It's the same with your systems. Start with one small thing. That one thing will warm up your business and prepare you for the next system and the next and the next.

Consistency is Key
So wouldn't it be nice if you could work out really hard for a week and then take the rest of the month off? Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Even though I have a toddler, I still travel pretty frequently. At one point traveling interrupted my training schedule. I'll tell you, it's amazing how missing just two weeks of work outs can really set you back. Consistency is key in using your systems. If you follow the system for a week, then forget about it for two weeks, you'll lose the stamina and momentum you've built up. Set aside some time in your calendar every week to focus on the operations of your business and make sure that you and the members of your team are USING the systems you've built.

Your Attitude Makes it Fun
Working out is just that - WORKING. However, I regularly cha cha cha on the Stairmaster, end a set of lunges with a "superstar" jump, throw in a cheerleader move where I can, and have re-named many of the exercises - it's no longer hanging ab sit-ups, it's water wing sit-ups - you'd understand if you saw the little things you put your arms in. My trainer thinks I'm a total nut, but she laughs, I laugh, and then I forget that it's supposed to be work. It's my attitude that makes it fun. If your attitude around systemizing and growing your business is that it's tedious, boring, and just not sexy, then you know what? You'll never take that leap to get to the next level. If you just make a slight attitude change to, "WOW, look how much time I just saved." Or, "YEA, I can afford to go on vacation," then it won't seem like work. Actively seek out ways to make things fun.

You Get Results
A couple of months ago I was feeling like I wasn't making much progress. Then I realized I had just taken my pants off without undoing the button or zipper. Do you ever feel like you are just going and going and going without making progress? It's easy to feel that way if you don't have anything in place to measure your progress. For me, it was that my pants were way too big. What is it for you? Pick something that you can measure your success against so you can see the results. Things like; more visitors to your website, ending your work day at 3pm, taking Fridays off, having the money to take three weeks off instead of two, creating a new product, etc. Pick something and watch it happen.

People Notice
Even though I am measuring and tracking my progress it sometimes still catches me by surprise when someone else notices what I've been up to.
I was at an event and I just got one compliment after another. It was wonderful for my ego. People also notice when you make changes in your business. As your company gets more and more systemized and grows, people notice. You'll find people saying things to you like, "Wow, I see your name all over the place," or "I've heard great things about your products," etc.

Really, what it comes down to is that one small step, one little action, that can make your business healthier and more shapely.

Take care,
Beth Schneider Wachner

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