6 Ways To Get In The Mood And Get Motivated

March 5, 2015 | Motivation | Beth Schneider

It has actually been raining a bit in Los Angeles this winter, and we are very thankful for that! Rain makes me want to crawl in bed and read a book or watch movies. When it is cool and cloudy outside, I feel lazy. It is this time of the year that I have the tendency to go into hibernation.

Fast forward to reality! The days are actually starting to get longer and somehow even though there is MORE day light, you seem to get less done. And it's all because you can't seem to get in the mood. The key is doing the things that get you in the mood. So here are six things to get you going.

#1 Plan and take a brisk walk
 There's just something about a little exercise that gets the blood pumping. So if you feel like you need a nap, grab those sneakers and head for the door.

#2 Pick up some upbeat music 
Put together a CD of songs that motivate you. For example, at a speakers training I took a few years back, I had to get up on stage and sing. I chose Tom Jones', It's Not Unusual. Now every time I play that song I get a boost of energy. Pick a series of songs that remind you of something fun, a win you had, or just get you going and then play them.

#3 Start with something you don't want to do
 I know this sounds crazy, but my mentor, Melissa Orr (CEO of a $25 million dollar corp.) starts with the things she knows she doesn't like to do. Why? She feels energized and accomplished by getting the tedious things out of the way first. By letting it drag on throughout the day, the thought of the one task saps her energy and the longer she waits, the more energy she looses. So instead she gets those things out of the way first and then feels motivated because it's done.

#4 See it as a challenge
 Multi-Million dollar business owner Burt Linnetz says you just have to know that not every day is going to be fun, but a true entrepreneur pushes through. See your tasks as a challenge and think about that feeling of accomplishment you will get when you've finished. Kind of like the accomplishment of getting to the top of a mountain. There is nothing better than standing at the top, admiring the view. Focus on that feeling - that will get you going.

#5 Call a client
 Set up an appointment with a client. A great way to force yourself to get motivated is to involve someone else. You'll have no choice but to get yourself motivated before the call and then after you can just coast on the motivation from the call. It's like a two-for-one.

#6 Tidy up a bit 
A clean office is a happy office. Spend a few minutes picking things up so that you feel really good working in your space. It will make you want to be there.

The best part is, once all your work is done for the day, you can just hang out!

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