Bring a friend option ends today

August 31, 2012 | Uncategorized | Beth Schneider

Just wanted to send you a friendly reminder that the bring a friend for free option on my live 3-day event the, "Double Your Profits, Double Your Time Off," ends TODAY, August 31.

That means today is your last chance to bring a team member or share the costs on an investment that is going to give you rockstar results and HUGE returns.

So get in on it here, now:

For less than it costs you to take a weekend getaway, you're getting 3 days of live coaching, information, advice and most importantly systems that change your world.

And once you implement those systems, you're going to have plenty of cash - not to mention plenty of freedom - to take as many weekend getaways as you want to.


Here's just a taste what we cover in the 3 power-packed days:

• How to set up and use a promotion calendar: no more marketing "on the fly" - and no more unexpected obstacles slowing you down
• Proven methods for growing your list of QUALIFIED prospects, including teleclasses, webinars and livestream events - all low-cost and high return
• Why giving something for nothing - in the form of free sessions - can grow your business, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT
• The real scoop on contracts and money - how to set them up so you can build and enjoy solid client relationships (without working double or triple what you should on a particular project)
• To set expectations - on both sides - with meetings, deliverables, deadlines, etc. Everyone gets what they expect, and everyone is happy
• What is and isn't acceptable when it comes to communication and boundaries with clients
• The beauty of project management - what it is, how to find a manager, and how much time and money it saves you
• Time management techniques that free up your time so you can do more of what you love (and check off some items on that huge, dreaded to-do list!)
• How to be in control without micromanaging and without having to do everything yourself
• Systems for internal communication so everyone is on the same page - without you having to speak individually to each person
• The beauty of technology - and how to use what you already have to keep everyone up to date and everything you need on hand, even if you have a virtual team or work in different locations
Here's that link again so you can read success stories from our previous clients and attendees who are just like you and are now running profitable and successful businesses and STILL enjoying freedom -- plus you'll learn more about the "Double Your Profits, Double Your Time Off Intensive," the event where you'll walk out the door with your SPECIFIC operations plan IN HAND ready to implement.

(AND get in on the bring a friend for free, which ends TODAY)

Here's to your success through systems,


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