Customer Farming Made Simple

October 4, 2007 | Improving Profits, Process Design | Sandye

Thoughts from Sandye Linnetz, Systems Goddess, Process Prodigy

You say you want to make more money? You say your business is great and you want more? Feeling a little stressed? Well, relax, this is going to be easier than you think...

You have a customer list, don't you? You planted the seeds with these people... now get out and reap! There is no faster or better way to make more money than to "farm" the clients you already have.

Selling to a new customer can be five to ten times more expensive than selling to an existing customer. Consider your costs for everything from the advertising and follow-up expense to the time that it takes to set up a new account. Assuming that you're already known for delivering value and great customer service (the keys to repeat business and referrals), don the "bib overalls" and get your "tractor" moving.



A satisfied customer buys more and buys more often. A satisfied customer sings your praises and refers business your way. Your customer list is stocked with satisfied customers... put them to work for you. DON'T HESITATE TO "ASK" FOR THEIR HELP.

If you have a huge data base of customers who haven't bought from you lately, you're sitting on a truly fertile field-a fertile field which is ready to be plowed and planted. It's quite possible that your field already has growth that you haven't even noticed... clients that are yours for the farming, scattered around on the ground waiting to be harvested.

Ignoring your existing customers is possibly the biggest mistake you could make because additional sales to them are the easiest and most profitable sales you can make. It's almost like free money. Rather than continually striving to get more customers, work the ones you already have. Rumor has it that 20% of our customers are responsible for 80% of our profits.

Everyone wants a deal. Offer that deal to those who already trust you. Give up finding excuses to put it off-until it's never done all. "I don't have the time or money to start a new sales campaign". "It takes too much effort to write a sales letter, get it printed, take it to the post office, pay the postage, and get it mailed out to all of those customers". Or, "My customers complain about too much e-mail already". Or, "I don't know what more to sell them." That's just plain crazy. In this glorious age of internet sales it is so easy to whip out an e-mail message and send it out to your entire contact list. It takes so little time, so little money and even less effort.

Why not simply harvest these dollars now?
Contact your existing customers and make them an irresistible offer. It may be an invitation to try something new or get a deal on a multiple purchase. Maybe you have a free gift with purchase or a special discount for special customers. You'll be amazed at how quickly and eagerly they respond.

Get them to spend more money each time they buy... If you got your customers to increase the size of their orders by ten percent, your profits would increase by much more than that because your bottom line isn't changed. More of the dollars that come in will go directly to your profit line.

Get your customers to buy from you more often... and that increased profit line grows exponentially. What about a "frequent buyer" plan?

Now design a system to assign responsibilities, implement your goals and track your results!


Compile and utilize a comprehensive, detailed, up-dateable and user friendly customer contact list. There are many good computer programs available that will also enable you to track sales and send out emails and letters. Determine who will be responsible for maintaining the list - and how that will be done. Set up a system to keep your list current. Follow-up and stay in touch!

Start farming your existing customers. And watch the profits grow. THE MONEY IS IN THE SYSTEM... WHAT'S YOUR'S?

© 2007 Beth Schneider.

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