Unstoppable Client Growth: Attract More Clients, Work less, And Create a Business that Runs Without You So That You Can Have More Freedom!

From the Desk of: Beth Schneider,
President and CEO, Process Prodigy

Hey There,

There's one massive pitfall that causes the majority of business failures, and you might not even be aware of what it is. And even if you are, you might not know where to begin the process of sidestepping it.

That pitfall? A lack of systems.

The trouble of it is, by the time most business people realize they need to systemize their businesses, they're so deep into their businesses that finding the time to create and implement those systems seems downright impossible.

"The Power Of Systems"

Systems: Love 'em or get used to shutting the lights off at 3 am.

If you're like many entrepreneurs, you started your business in order to set your own schedule, write your own healthy paycheck and make your own hours. In other words, you went into business to have freedom. But again, if you're like the majority of entrepreneurs, it hasn't worked out like that.

There's that old joke that being self-employed means working the best job in the world 80 hours per week. But the part of the joke that's not so funny is that those long hours are often an inefficient use of your time. In all likelihood, you're not just losing time; you're likely losing a lot of money due to your lack of systems.

Ever feel like:

  • You're hemorrhaging money and you just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • The weight of the world is on your shoulders.
  • You're putting marketing dollars into the business and you know that some day it will pay off... It's just that someday never seems to come.
  • Your goals of growth and expansion somehow never come to fruition -- no matter how many hours you put in.

If you're wondering "What happened?" you're not alone. In fact, the vast majority of entrepreneurs start out running their businesses by the seat of their pants. But very few have ever been carried to success by the seat of their pants.

Place a check by any of the following that are true for you:

You've fallen out of the driver's seat and instead of driving your business, it's driving you.

You wonder what's been done, what's in the works and why it seems that no one can get anything done
    (especially you!)

Your to-do "list" has become a to-do "book" and there's no end in sight.

You're working 10 to 30 MORE hours a week than you would really like to.

You know you're leaving money on the table because you lack a good system for follow-up.

You're losing clients because your client care is haphazard at best.

You don't have time to create new products, services and sources of passive revenue. In fact, you don't want to
     create new products or services because more product fulfillment just means MORE work.

You're constantly plagued by stress, overwhelm and worry.

Whatever freedom you once had in your business has been replaced by captivity, stress and feeling trapped.

If you checked ANY of these boxes, there's a good chance that your businesses needs to have systems put into place. And that's good news. Because that means that your business has TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL to give you the freedom you know you should have.

And to move you from potential to money in your pocket, I've created a NEW AND IMPROVED easy-to-start, simple-to-implement systems club for success driven entrepreneurs like you.

Introducing Outrageously Effective Systems


The only program that gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to implement time-saving, money making systems into your business.

  • I show you exactly how and where to begin, so your business sees IMMEDIATE positive results from the program.
  • It doesn't matter how busy you are-- I've designed this program to work for swamped business owners.
  • It's not overwhelming. It's a simple, straightforward process for implementing systems.

"Saving HOURS and Making More Money"

"Helped Me Bring in and Retain Clients"

Here's how it Works:


  • We're a club. Since every good club needs a clubhouse, we built one online. You'll have access to a private members only website where all the systems will be immediately available to you and your team 24/7.


  • We want you to be successful. To do that we need to talk to you privately to find out your wants and needs. Then we will create a customized plan of action for you to follow that allows you to get what you want. You'll get on the phone for a private session with a Process Prodigy consultant. First we'll help you define what success means to. Then we'll create a path that you can follow to get to that success.


  • In order to make sure that your systems are coming together the way you need them to, we include a training video for each system. So in addition to all the written materials, we'll walk you through all the steps in a 30 to 60 minute video so you can absorb and fully understand everything that you've received. By the way, that's one video per system.


  • We want to make sure you get the personal and private attention you need to be successful. You are invited to talk to a Process Prodigy coach each and every month. Your coach will keep you on your toes helping you to set and implement your goals.


  • We want to make sure you get the personal and private attention you need to be successful. You are invited to have 3 60-minute private consulting sessions with a Process Prodigy consultant. The value of this component of the club easily exceeds the monthly dues.


  • You've got questions and we've got answers. We will host a Q & A call each quarter. You'll receive on-the-fly coaching and be able to ask direct questions. Of course the calls are recorded and you can listen over and over again.


  • When you become a member, you'll receive instant access to all of the systems on the private members only website.
  • Each system is a module with a series of written directions, flowcharts, fills in the blank worksheets, samples and templates. The idea is to make it easy for you to understand each step and then IMPLEMENT immediately.

    I've divided business into 4 main categories and you get systems pertaining to each category...


  • System 1 - Defining and Finding Your Ideal Client

This system combines my two favorite things -- marketing and operations (aka your systems). Just as you need both a mother and a father to create a baby, you need great operations and great marketing to create a successful business.

Great marketing requires focusing in on the perfect people to work with, so let's start there, with identifying your ideal clients. This system lays out specific steps to help you to do just that!
We are about to get very specific as we learn how to identify and attract our ideal clients - as distinct from that general target market. While it may seem like a no brainer to figure out what kind of client you'd like to work with, the actual development of that list of desired client attributes is often put off and, even if developed, underutilized. This means that when it comes to your marketing efforts, you are wasting a great deal of energy, time, talent and money... by preaching to the wrong choir.

  • System 2 - Handling Client Inquiries

Every year "seminar season" pops up in the spring and then again in the fall. For a short and highly concentrated period of time, thousands of us find ourselves flying from city to city to city. All that flying sure makes my arms tired (b'dum dum). Ok, ok, I know. I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Look, I really do cover a vast area and a slew of events in a very short time. Why all this concentrated travel? It's pretty simple, really. Being with all of the many, different people I can meet in this short period of time gives me the opportunity to make connections and drum up new business. I meet leads and find potential clients at mach speed. You never know who you're going to meet. I once met rock star entrepreneur, Gene Simmons from KISS in the airport while waiting for a flight.

All in all, I hit the road every season because I meet a ton of new people and get to re-connect with old friends who don't live near me. For me, these events are some of the most powerful catalysts to get my phone ringing. It does take a lot of energy on my part, but it's worth it! It's the prior planning and my knowing -- in advance -- what I am going to say and do that enables me to effectively and efficiently harness that energy to get people interested in my services. That's the key, folks. It's ESSENTIAL to have a systemized, streamlined way of handling client inquiries.

  • System 3 - Easy Ways to Get Media Coverage

I do a lot of guest appearances. I speak at live events, tele-classes and webinars and am frequently asked how I got the invitation; how I landed the "gig".

Much of it appears to be a popularity contest, yet there's more to it. People hear about me or read something I have written and then next thing I know I'm hoping on a plane to speak to their group.

Whether you are looking for speaking engagements, new sales, or more exposure, a great way to boost your company's popularity is to utilize the media. A great way to get in front of large groups of people; to build up your credibility and establish trust, is to get yourself and/or your company featured in the media. There is something powerful about being quoted in a paper, having your article printed in black and white, being interviewed on the radio or quizzed on tv... it has you appear credible and trustworthy!

Many think that the media is not interested in small business, but that's just not the case. This system lays out, step-by-step, what you need to do to attract the attention of the press.

  • System 4 - Outrageously Effective Free Sessions

Regardless of what kind of business you are in, there is typically some kind of communication that takes place with your potential clients before they decide to sign on the bottom line and do business with you. There are plenty of names for these sessions: free coaching session, an introductory analysis, a get to know you meeting, etc.

Whatever name applies to your business the key is to make sure the dot are connected so that both you and your potential clients get the most out of your time together. Simple changes can make big differences, One of our clients made one scheduling change and saved himself several hours a week, A clear and simple follow-up system after the session will help you close more business. Simply said: connecting the dots will help you save time and make more money.


  • System 5 - Money Making Autoresponders

Not all small business owners have "good news" right now. Fortune Small Business recently reported that 57% of American business owners surveyed said that they are worse off today than they were last year. Not a lot to celebrate. If you've been tightening your belt lately, you are not alone.

What this indicates is that we, as small business CEOs, need to be making smart decisions. We need to build and strengthen relationships with our potential and active clients; to bring and keep them, in our community.

Building and strengthening relationships with your clients includes regular communication, fabulous follow-up and invitations to "buy". Whether you are looking for an easy follow-up system, a tool to build relationships or an effective way to increase sales, a great asset to add to your repertoire is to utilize autoresponders.

This system lays out, step-by-step, what you need to do to keep your clients happy and close more business by utilizing the technology you most likely already own. And the best part is you'll be able to keep in touch with more people with a fraction of the work.


  • System 6 - Financial Planning

Can you hear me singing? "Money, Money, Money-- Some people got to have it" Back in the early 1970's, people boogied to this song from the O'Jays. Today we just know it as the theme song from the Apprentice. Excuse me, make that the Apprentice AND the Celebrity Apprentice.

I think it's safe to say that many of us have a love/hate relationship with money. We love to see it come our way. We don't mind counting it or spending it. It's when we have to figure out how much we have to spend or start tracking what we have already spent that it gets unpleasant.

This system combines your love of money with an understanding of how to manage it with specific steps laid out to create an easy and effective financial plan.

  • System 7 - Getting Tasks Done

If you're like me you have a remarkably good memory. It's great because I can recall random facts in an instant. Often things that don't really matter, like all the words to the Brady Brunch theme song, magically pop into my head.

One of the biggest mistakes I see small business CEOs make is that they rely on their memory to run their business and work with their team. It's too easy to assign important tasks and forget about them. Ever been in a situation where something really important just got dropped?

This system focuses on making a difference in your ability to maintain effective control by tracking and managing the tasks you assign to others. As your organization grows you will find yourself interacting more and more with outside parties like team members, clients and vendors. Juggling who is working on what and where it is, can get a little cumbersome, so we've laid out the steps to make sure you have firsthand knowledge of everything that is going on, without losing control or having to do it all yourself.

  • System 8 - Easy and Effective Time Management

How do you get it all done? I frequently hear about the concerns people have about finding the time to focus on systems. I am often asked how I find the time to run a growing company, travel to speaking events, attend seminars and tradeshows, create new products and services and still have time to do things like take vacations several times a year, meet friends and family for lunch in the middle of the day.

There is an important and yet often overlooked tool that can help you get organized and achieve more in less time. Ready? It's your calendar.
In this system, I'll walk you through several ways to use your calendar to organize your time, efforts and business. It may surprise you to see that this system belongs in the production section, but you'll soon discover how scheduling and calendaring is truly a core component in the production of products and services.

  • System 9 - Find Files Instantly

Do you have the time you want and need to run your business effectively? I've noticed that many people spend ridiculous amounts of time "looking for something"; sifting through file after file. Now, if you're picturing big piles of manilla folders and paper - stop - that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the files in your computer.

These days, if you consider the hard drives, external drives, online collaboration tools, email files, audio files and video files--¦ and with all the different kinds of documents we tend to save, it can get confusing and difficult to get and stay organized.

This system is focused on organizing and naming your files in a manner that will make it easy for everyone on your team to find what they need in a heartbeat.


  • System 10 - The Perfect Database

A long time ago it became very clear to me that my most prosperous colleagues were growing faster and faster because they had become masters at managing information. For example, the most successful always had a handle on facts. They knew who they had spoken to -- and when -- had reports to keep on top of things, and knew how to generate and evaluate those reports. The key to their success was the database they chose for storing information.

This system focuses on effectively managing your information and showing you how to pick the perfect database. With hundreds of database solutions out there, one of the most common questions I get is, "which database should I be using?" Everyone knows they need a database, it's just easy to get stuck in the choosing of one and then knowing how to set it up, use and manage the information in that database.

These steps will give you the right tool to give you the vital information you need.

  • System 11 - Creating a Super Star Team

This system focuses on finding the right people for your team. Whether you already have your army or are ready to bring on your first part-time assistant, you want to have a streamlined, specific set of steps to find that perfect match for you and your company.

I often think of my Grandma. She was very special to me and I'm grateful to have had her in my life for 35 years. We used to spend hours talking while she brushed and styled my hair. Now I use the word "styled" loosely, but it was a special thing for both of us.

As you can imagine, when she passed I was a bit of a mess. What got me through it personally was the support of my friends and family. What kept my business running was my amazing team.

The magic formula to a success business is a combination of great systems and great people.

  • System 12 - Team Communication

I often receive complements on how effective and helpful my team members are. I tend to work with pretty smart cookies, but it's not just their brains that make them so fantastic.

We follow a formula that keeps us all on the same page. That's what this system is all about; the secret communication formula that every business needs.

Most people think they do a great job of giving instructions and keeping their team "in the loop", but the harsh truth is that most are actually relying on luck, assumptions and mind reading. Given that your team is one of your most valuable and most expensive business resources, wouldn't it be great to actually be using systems that set you all up for success; to get the most and best results possible? I thought you might like that.

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Overcoming Sales Objections
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Project Management

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  • AN OPERATION MANUAL where I keep all my system modules.
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With passion and systems, the sky's the limit. If you've got the passion and need the systems, don't hesitate to contact my team to find out if Outrageously Effective Systems is right for you.

To your continued, outrageous success,

Beth Schneider, President
Process Prodigy

P.S. "Winging it" and "guessing games" can kill a business. Remember, freedom, flexibility and a 6 or 7-figure bottom line aren't just given to you. It takes a Power Packed Process Plan. Don't let winging it and guessing games rob you of your dreams. Take action now by grabbing your application now!

P.P.S. Remember, I have a fixed number of spots open in this membership club. If you plan to join, make sure to return your application as soon as possible so this opportunity doesn't pass you by.

P.P.P.S. Because of the system (or lack thereof), your future happiness and wealth depends on your ability to create systems and processes. Let me show you the easiest way to do that.

"The Process Prodigy has helped me to organize in ways I hadn't thought of before."

The time saved once you systematize is amazing. From taking this course, I have streamlined many of the tasks I do on a regular basis which has allowed me to see where I can hand these tasks off to an assistant. Before taking the course, I sometimes just jumped in to get things done and I did these things "intuitively" therefore I couldn't verbalize HOW I did them. After following Beth's guidance I am happily updating and editing a notebook of standard operating procedures and processes.

You will get serious ROI on Beth's Program."

- Marlene Chism

Increase My Sanity

"Beth is an essential resource to any successful business. As an entrepreneur and business owner, I have been able to train my team more effectively to serve my clients. Thanks Beth for helping me save time and money while increasing my sanity! You are awesome!"

-Melanie Benson Strick, Success Connections

"I am so impressed with the professional package I receive each month! I find the materials well organized and easy to read and implement. Each month, as soon as I receive the next system, I sit down and write out each step, making note of what tasks I need to personally complete in order to build the system so that it works for my organization. It is such a compact and thorough process, that anyone at any stage of business developm ent will find value in the program. I know I do!"

- Ann Leach,

"Beth - Thank you so much for Outrageously Effective Systems! I love having a very streamlined business and the OES program has helped me continue to simplify and grow my business. I am now making double what I made just a year ago and part of that is due to taking action on what I have learned through the OES program. "

Thank you Beth!

-Meredith Liepelt
Creative Client AttractionT Strategist & President

I LOVE this program!

"I got the next section in my Outrageously Effective Systems and I have been going through it with my team. I LOVE this program! The quality of the printing is better than most of the stuff I have on my shelf and the content is what I really treasure because I will take these tools out over and over again and use with new staff/assistants for years to come. I am really impressed."

-Sheri McConnell, President of National Association of Women Writers and the International Association of Web Entrepreneurs

Six Figure Differences in My Business

"As a well known marketing and business strategist for entrepreneurs, I can teach you how to build and market a business to have the clients running to your door. However, if you don't have the systems in place to manage that growth..." it is completely useless.

I have worked with a lot of entrepreneurs and Beth knows her stuff! Beth has made six figure differences in my business and the businesses of many of my clients. If you want to earn more and
work less, talk to Beth today!!"

-Kelly O'Neil, Uplevel Strategies

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