How to Delegate When There is No One to Delegate To

April 21, 2014 | Uncategorized | Dana Pasic-Callaghan

By Beth Schneider

Money is tight and you’re desperate for an extra pair of hands, but you don’t have a budget. This is also known as, “I have no one to delegate to, so now what?” Don’t despair, there are several no cost ways to increase your productivity and find ways to delegate. Even if you do have a budget, these tips will enhance your budget and help you get more out of your delegating dollar.

Here are 8 ways to get low cost and free services.

Tip #1: Tune up your computer

Is your computer in need of a tune up? Are you constantly crashing? Are you rebooting? It’s not only frustrating, but it kills an enormous about of time. Not to mention the information you lose. If your computer crashes and you reboot each time, how long does it take for your computer to reboot? I can guarantee if there is something wrong with your computer that is causing it to crash, then it doesn’t reboot quickly. How frustrating is that for you and how
much time is that wasting? Get it fixed. Buy something new, but don’t avoid the problem.

Time is money and that’s money you could be spending bringing in some help to do something else. If you have a problem, talk to your computer’s manufacturer. Some computer companies like Compaq will even send you a loaner computer if you need to send yours away to be fixed. This is specifically for purchases on business computers, so if you bought your laptop at Costco, you might not have this service. It’s worth a phone call to find out. To quote my Grandpa Lenny, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Tip #2: Trade Services

Is there something specific that you need? Maybe there is a special skill you need like copywriting, bookkeeping, internet help, etc. Find an expert who is in a similar business position and see if you can trade services.

Tip #3: Who Do You Know that Will Work For Free?

Do you have friends and family that could help you out? Would your spouse, partner, parents, kids, and/or friends be willing to give you an hour, two or more to help you out? Think back to the days when you had to move. All of your friends gathered around to help you pack and lug boxes, all for the price of a couple of pizzas. Just replace the packing and heavy lifting with business items and tasks.

Tip #4: Ask for Volunteers

In addition to friends and family, if you have an event coming up or a big project that you need help with, go to your mailing list and see if someone would volunteer. I get requests all the time to volunteer at seminars, trade shows and other events. People love to help out. You can return the volunteer favor for them down the line.

Here are a few other things you could offer:

Email your mailing list about their services. Send some referral business without taking a referral fee. Give them a free ticket or a copy of the items they are working on for you.

Tip #5: Buddy Up

You know what they say, two heads are better than one. Find a friend or colleague who also needs some help and create a buddy schedule. She works with you for a few hours a week; you work with her for a few hours a week. This is different from trading in that you are creating a long term relationship and regular schedule as opposed to a one-off project.

Tip #6: Use Delivery Services

It’s a web world that we live in. Many business related companies are online and will ship to you. Instead of having to run to: Office supply stores like Office Depot or Staples; To a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s Club; or To a printer like FedEx Kinko’s, place your order online and have it shipped to you. Many places won’t even charge you a shipping fee if you spend their minimum amount. How much time in running around would that save?And you can do it on your own schedule.

Tip #7: Use Personal Services

Again, time is money. If you are spending an entire day running to the cleaners, the market, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, etc., then you are using time that could be spent cultivating new clients, creating new programs, going to networking meetings, etc. Look into using services such as a house keeper, fluff and fold for your laundry or calling in
a meal delivery service. Yes, this will cost a few dollars. Although, if you use that saved time to make follow-up calls that result in a new client, wouldn’t it be worth it? I’m not saying go out and live beyond your means with all kinds of fancy services. This only works if you take that saved time to perform revenue earning tasks, so be sure to use your time wisely.

Tip #8: Get an Intern

Get yourself a free intern. There is an entire group of people out there who are looking to get their feet wet in order to find out what it’s like to do what you do. Write up a quick ad about what you are looking for, what your company is all about and why it would be a great experience for someone to work side-by- side with you for a couple hours a week. This has to be a win/win for both you and the intern, so spend some time thinking about what this person could learn from you.

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