How to easily juggle tasks

April 28, 2015 | Business Tools, Management | Beth Schneider

One of the biggest mistakes I see small business CEOs make is that they rely on their memory to run their business and work with their team. Now be honest, you've done that before haven't you?

If you're like me, you have a remarkably good memory. It's great because I can recall random facts in an instant. Often things that don't really matter, like all the words to the Brady Bunch theme song, magically pop into my head. Your memory is something you may lean on, but it's too easy to assign important tasks and forget about them.

Your memory is not a failsafe way to run your business.

Here's what happens when you rely too much on your memory...

* You repeated the same instructions 25 times... and the task still gets done incorrectly.
* You sit straight up in bed at 3am because you suddenly can't remember if an important item was actually completed.
* You purposely didn't answer the phone because you knew it was your client calling and you had no idea if there project was done or not.
* Team members look at you like you've grown a second head when you ask why they missed an important deadline.
* One unimportant task can get done 3 times by 3 different team members while the one you really cared about is missed and no one remembers you ever mentioning it.

Instead of doing what many small business CEOs do, which is dole out tasks and projects through frequent emails, random phone calls, during meetings, through Skype, text message, etc. there is a way to easily document what needs to be done and easily see progress all in a 5 to 15 minute time frame.

There are some key systems that help businesses run faster, smoother and easier. I put these systems together into a program called Outrageously Effective Systems. To this date, the only way to get your hands on these systems was to be a member of the program.

But, for a short time I've decided to Open the Vault!

One day during our check in, my Director of Customer Relations, Renae, told me that she was asked fairly often if we had a system for this or a system for that which could be purchased. Unfortunately, the answer was always the same, "to get that one system you have to be a member of the club".

She twisted my arm and convinced me that it would make sense to make the systems available to anyone. So we came up with a compromise. For just four days (April 27 - April 30, 2015) you can grab a copy of my Task Management system without being a member of the club! Just go to:

But you have to hurry before the doors close... and they will close.

Just in case, here's that link one more time:

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