How to Systemize Your Business: And Breathe

January 16, 2008 | Coaching, Motivation, Relaxing, Success, Time Management | Sandye

 [display_podcast]Thoughts from Sandye Linnetz, Systems Goddess, Process ProdigyTake a breather. That's a break from everything. It's a momentary, energizing, peaceful respite from the stress and tension of your otherwise incredible workday. You know you need it. You know you want it. So, get all "Nike" on yourself, JUST DO IT!Here's what you do... STOP everything for five minutes (you can work your way up to 20 minutes, later). Put the computer into sleep mode, close your door, put on the answering machine and give yourself that much needed, well-deserved break. Remember back to the time when your mommy MADE you take a nap... don't you wish there was still someone around to do that? You may have resisted that imposed nap when you were a kid; bet you'd love to have someone make you take a nap now, huh? Okay, until you've made this a habit and YOU take charge of your naptime, think of the Process Prodigy Goddess as your mom. Here goes...Take a nap!!!!No cot and blankey available? No problem. Turn your chair away from your desk. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Rest your arms on the - you guessed it - arm rests, and close your eyes. Now breathe... through your nose... slowly... in and out... in and out... just breathe. LET GO of the deadlines (they'll still be there when you get back) and concentrate on the stillness within. Breathe in... Breathe out... Connect the in and out and concentrate on circle of breathing. It may help to repeat something over and over as you breathe. Try repeating: "Balance in all things." Or "Thank you for the stillness within me". Or make up your own peaceful, restful mantra...When you are concentrating on your breathing and being "present" to the peace, you may actually lose track of time. You may actually fall asleep. And then, when you are back to consciousness, give yourself a few moments to reflect and sit silently... to get back to your day from a new place; one of calm and balance.Yep, the work is still there, but you may be able to see it differently now. Slow it all down. Deal with it from a place of "love to" instead of "have to". Get back to the joy that got you to take all of this on in the first place. The fun is still there, and sometimes all you need is a short break to find it again. And... breathe! © 2007 Beth Schneider, Process Prodigy, Inc. Want to reprint this article? Feel free as long as you include the following: Beth Schneider, President of Process Prodigy Inc.,, along with her team of highly sought after operations consultants, reveals the insider secrets billion-dollar corporations pay thousands of dollars for. Specializing in process creation, the Process Prodigy tools and techniques have helped entrepreneurs increase productivity by as much as 600% and revenues by as much as 250%. Visit and sign up to receive the Process Prodigy Ezine, "Your Tips" and the FREE Report "How to Save Yourself Time Energy and Money".

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