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August 6, 2014 | Systemizing | Beth Schneider

Sometimes I hear people say bad things about creating systems…

That they stifle creativity, that it makes things boring, that they are just too much work.

Well, I whole heartedly disagree.

And here’s why.

Systems actually help you be more creative because they give you the gift of time. Then they give you the ability to implement your creative ideas and profit from them. Doesn’t sound boring to me.
But don’t take my word for it. Our systems coach Sandye wrote this article that I think you’ll enjoy.

By Sandye Linnetz, Process Prodigy
There I was in New York City, sitting down to a lox and bagel brunch when the conversation turned, as it frequently does when I'm around anyone who socializes.

"What do you do", inquired my hostess? Naturally, I told her about Process Prodigy and my role as the Systems Goddess. I went into my dissertation on the value of systemizing your business. Having effective systems in place - behind the scenes - helps a business operate smoothly and with predictable results; the same desired results each and every time. You remember the part about the "well-oiled machine", don't you? I even gave her that AND pointed out the wastefulness of reinventing the wheel over and over.

Rather than argue with my hostess, or make her look bad, I asked her to say more about her view of systems. I was determined to find out where this crazy talk was coming from--as she declared to the assemblage that systems were a waste of time, too dogmatic and likely to keep you from being creative, I began to notice her commitment to business being very creative and open ended. And then she went even further, silly lady, and told me that systems were actually a detriment to running a successful business because business isn't the "same" all the time and flexibility--not rigid sameness--was required!

Aha, now I understood where she was coming from on this. My hostess, in her commitment to creativity and handling every situation as a unique one, missed what an effective system includes! An effective system IS flexibility in action. In creating systems, we create flow charts and actually train ourselves to "go with the flow". The value of having effective systems in place is that by following them, we automatically go with the flow - in an organized, all-inclusive way. Nothing forgotten, left out or ignored; and no money falling through the cracks!

Over sweet rolls and coffee, I explained that when we create systems that work, we purposefully include all of the "what-ifs" that we can; that's what makes a system really effective. It's the whole idea that, "if this happens, then we do that" and "if that happens, then we do this". Not only is systemizing your business a truly creative process, it's also remarkably flexible.

Great meal- great conversation--my hostess ended up with Outrageously Effective Systems and I got a second bear claw! It pays to go with the flow.

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Take care,
Beth Schneider Wachner
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