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September 11, 2014 | Systemizing | Beth Schneider

Just wanted to see how things were going for you.

What are you working on? What's new?

I've noticed a trend recently. Developing and streamlining processes and company systems are in the air. I'm in a couple of cool secret Facebook groups and people keep asking for advice on things like getting team members to be more productive, handling customer service issues, managing client projects and basically just trying to figure out how to get what they want.

The cool thing is that these problems can get fixed...with the right system. But it's hard when you feel like you're constantly dealing with problems.

Building systems is like building your business on a solid foundation...and it makes all the difference in the world. After a conversation with a colleague the other day, I figured my system for creating systems might help you out.

This colleague was overwhelmed and confused and the main reason was because he's trying to do everything at one time. He gets excited, gets motivated and tries to do a year's worth of work in a week.

He starts off strong, but it's not long until he's overwhelmed, exhausted and totally burned out. This flashflood method doesn't get him where he wants to be...and that is what a lot of small business CEOs do when they are trying to implement systems.

Here are four steps to getting started with systems:

Step 1: Stop Shoving the Entire Sandwich in Your Mouth You have to take human bites. It's not realistic to think you can systematize your entire business in two weeks. It takes time to develop quality systems, it takes time to train your team (or find your team for that matter), it takes time to incorporate everything into your day-to-day workflow. So give yourself the gift of time.

Step 2: Get Focused The number one question we get is, "where do I start?" Spend some time looking around the business to determine what's just not working right. What's keeping you up at night? What fires seem to always happen? What areas are not producing the results you'd like to see? Make a list of what's not working right and then prioritize what needs to get fixed first...start there. But only work on one piece at a time.

Step 3: Set Aside Some Time So now you've got a list of things to work on. Make a recurring appointment with yourself and/or your team to work through your list. If you don't set specific time in your calendar, then somehow you'll always be too busy. But if you set aside the time, then you'll see regular progress and somehow all the other things you need to do will also be done.

Step 4: Hold Your Feet to the Fire If you had an appointment with your most important client, would you arbitrarily blow them off? I doubt it. Treat the appointment you set for yourself as if it was a meeting with your most valued client. Sometimes this is easier said than done, so if you need it (and you know who you are) find an accountability partner. Give permission to someone to remind you and ask you about your progress or reward yourself with something special once you've completed your system. Sometime we all need a little kick in the pants.

If you know you need some systems but aren’t sure you know how to build them or just don’t have the time to build them yourself, then let’s talk. Shoot an email to Dana in my office at or call her at 888-584-5452 ex 707.

Take care,
Beth Schneider Wachner

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