Outrageously Effective Systems – Talking to Your Team

July 2, 2009 | Uncategorized | Beth Schneider-Wachner

Let's face it, one of, if not the biggest expense in business is paying for a team. Whether it's traditional payroll or fees for contractors, a question I get asked all the time is," how do I justify paying out big bucks for a team - even if it feels like I need it?" There is actually a better question to ask: "how do I make sure that I am getting the most out of the team members I bring on board?"

The most successful companies have a secret weapon; they regularly talk to each other. It seems simple, but lack of effective, regular communication is the root cause of most business problems. You'll recognize many of these problems. Consider these familiar phrases: "that's not what I wanted", "no one is getting anything done," "she already did that", "they messed up again," "but I needed that yesterday," "they're all blaming each other".

This month's Outrageously Effective System shows you how to immediately implement a team communication system so you can enjoy more freedom and better profit margins.

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