Systemizing Your Business and Your Life: Keep the Change

January 29, 2010 | Problem Solving, Process Design, Profitability, Systemizing | Beth Schneider-Wachner

Thoughts from Sandye Linnetz, Systems Coach and Goddess

Of course we need systems and processes. We need them in our personal lives and we need them in business. Without them we operate in a helter-skelter, what do I do now kind of manner. With them in place we know what to do and when to do it. They are what enable us to be efficient and accurate and keep those important details from slipping through the cracks of life. And we all hate it when stuff slips through, don't we?

We all have systems that we use every day. Our bodies have "natural" systems like digestive, nervous and reproductive; it would be tough to operate without those. Some we copied from someone else... some we made up because we needed them... and some we don't even realize we follow.

 There are life systems that you use because, hey, that's the way your mother did it. There are systems you created for yourself because you don't want to make that mistake again. You most likely have a morning system for waking up and getting ready for the day, a get dressed system, a make (or get) the coffee system and probably even a system for reading the paper or finding out what happened overnight across the world. Those are systems that we don't even realize we have and use.

So, for arguments sake, let's agree that your life is chock full of systems. Some work really well for you. Some need work... You even know where they're missing in your life, don't you? Why is it, then, that we know we need them and we still don't have them?

Here's the reason it seems so tough to create systems... ready? Life isn't a constant step-by-step because it is constantly changing. That's the nature of the beast. Nothing stays the same. Everything changes -all the time. So, although it may appear that everything is the same, it's NOT. And when you've designed a system that doesn't make allowances for change, your system doesn't work. When you create a system based on things always going a "certain way", you are doomed to failure. A REALLY great system has change built into it. It's all about the if this happens, then do that and, if that happens then do this.

Of course we need systems and processes. We need them in our personal lives and we need them in business. However, things change and we need systems that prepare us to handle the changes. Change needs to be built into all of our systems.

You are the expert on what's "missing" in your personal life. Take stock. Hire a Life Coach if you want guidance, just make a list - a mental list if you don't want to write it out - of all the possible things that could change and alter your system accordingly. Then give yourself options based on what "might" occur. Keep change in mind and put those personal systems into place.

When it comes to your business life, the money and free time are in your systems. Really, they are. When the system works, the business works. When the business works, it grows... and so do your bank accounts and free time. I know how important both of those things are to me, and I assume to you as well, so get to work creating the systems that are missing or needing to be tweaked in your company. Consider the possibilities and your options. And, remember: No matter how you chose to create your systems... you get to "KEEP THE CHANGE"!

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