Systemizing Your Business: Do you want REASONS or RESULTS?

July 19, 2008 | Motivation | Sandye


Thoughts from your Systems Goddess, Sandye Linnetz, Process Prodigy

We're human. Roughly (very roughly) translated, what that means is: we are "DON'T FEEL LIKE IT - DON'T WANNA MACHINES". Most of us - most of the time - simply don't feel like it and/or don't wanna.

We don't want to get out of bed in the morning. We don't want to clean up after ourselves. We don't want to tackle that project, make that call or write that report. Don't want to make the effort... get moving... get started... finish what we started... Now, that doesn't mean that we "don't"----fill in the blank--- it just means that, if we "do", we actually CHOSE to - and not because we necessarily liked the idea. For men it may be out of a sense of honor or duty. For the women it may have appeared as something that needed to be done. That we ever do anything is a tribute to our human spirit. We spend an awful lot of time rising above "don't wanna"... and doing it (whatever IT is) anyway. That's the human spirit; that which has us rise above the "nothing is really worth doing and certainly NOT NOW"!

So, why is this the topic of my blog today? Probably because this morning I didn't wanna. I didn't wanna wake up, get out of bed, start the coffee or get the paper. Hey, I thought, it's Saturday and I worked really hard yesterday. I earned the right to do nothing this morning. Besides, I have a headache, we're out of milk and it's overcast! (Ever notice how many reasons you can come up with to support "don't wanna"?) Reasons galore... justifications and excuses...
Obviously, I did wake up. I did get out of bed, made the coffee, got the paper (did my morning sudoku, wrote in my gratitude book, vacuumed, dusted and made the bed), and sat down to write this blog.

Human spirit prevailed! Rather than complaints, justifications and excuses, I chose to have results. And, because I know that my "bent" is to "not do" and then explain WHY I didn't or couldn't, I not only didn't have to feel guilty about not wanting to, I actually got to feel great about bowing to my human spirit (over human animal) and having results!

So what do you want???? REASONS or RESULTS?

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