Systemizing Your Business: ENJOY THE PROCESS

May 15, 2008 | Planning, Process Design, Systemizing | Sandye


Thoughts from your Systems Goddess, Sandye Linnetz, Process Prodigy

Congratulations! You're THERE... wherever "there" is... Did you enjoy the journey? Do you even remember the journey, or were you so focused on the destination that you forgot to enjoy the trip? Were you on autopilot? What did you miss along the way? Were you so intent on getting there that you neglected to notice the amazing scenery along the route? That's too bad. Chances are you passed through some amazing places without stopping to indulge yourself in the local color...

Now I'm not saying forget the goals. This Goddess does not suggest that you set out without an end result in mind. I'm all about having a plan... plan your work and work your plan... I just want to be sure to remind you to ENJOY THE PROCESS along the way. You're going to give up a whole lotta livin' if you're only awake for the end run. Goal setting is great; a popular theme for business blogs and a very popular topic for business building gurus. Of course having goals is valuable and absolutely necessary to grow your business, but it shouldn't be your only consideration. There is so much more available to you than results... the outcome... the ending. Think about running a marathon - okay, maybe a 5K is a bold enough thought for most of us - but, for a moment, imagine that you are about to run a race...

I'm going to assume that you took stock of yourself and prepared for the race. Physically, you worked out, ran and got yourself into shape with a set schedule. You probably chose appropriate clothes and good, sturdy shoes. You may have invested in a visor, water bottle holder, anti blister bandages, a wrist /stop watch with second hand and maybe even an ipod and a trainer. You did the prep work and surrounded yourself with the right people for the job... same as with business. You're thinking about the eventual race, but you're lovin' the fresh morning air, the stretch and run and those great tunes that you lovingly downloaded. You're lovin' the sunshine and the attention you're getting from the trainer. You have not only enjoyed the process that is getting you to race day, you have gotten yourself ready for the run.
Bang! Off you go. You may keep your eye on the finish line, but here's hoping that you also enjoy the race itself - it's another part of the process that will get you to the end of the race. Experience the exhilaration and feel the burn. Bask in the glory of your body and what it can do. Along the route there will be people and things to see. Water stops to enjoy and hills to endure; people cheering you on... interesting people to run beside. Don't miss this part. You don't get a do over. Don't be the runner who says, " I don't remember the races... just the medals, cramps and blisters", and don't be the disappointed executive who got to the top and missed out on being present along the way. For success, create a plan and systemize your business, YES... don't forget to ENJOY THE PROCESS - not just the outcome!

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