Systemizing Your Business: How Do I Get Started? Part 3

March 28, 2008 | Process Design, Systemizing | Sandye


Thoughts from your Systems Goddess, Sandye Linnetz, Process Prodigy

In Part 2 of Systemizing Your Business: How Do I Get Started, we took a look at the most basic area of your business; finding clients. Let's face it, if you can't find ‘em you have no business!

You may have chosen to begin with some of the more obvious systems for getting the phone to ring. Perhaps you are working on systems to develop new marketing materials (business cards, post cards, flyers, bios, PR packages). You may have started with a system to utilize the internet... the who, what, where and how of websites, links, blogs and newsletters. Or, to get your feet wet in the creation process, you may have chosen to tackle some of the more basic background systems like: procedures for intra-office communication, client communication and appointment setting. Start anywhere... just start!

Keep the goal in mind. Systemize to Maximize... TIME and MONEY!!!

The more complete and efficient (i.e. precise, concise and easy to follow) the system, the easier it will be to delegate and replicate the tasks you have determined are both necessary and vital to having your business be successful and running "like a well oiled machine".

So, really, you ask, "what DO I do once my phone is ringing?" Well, take a look... What do you currently do? What does the rest of your team do? Are there certain things that you ALL do - ALL of the time? What can you all be counted on to do? Is it working as well as you'd like? If not, ask: "What is missing from our game plan?" "What could we be doing that would make a difference?" Time to examine... really examine... how open you are to new ideas and possibilities. And, of course, this is the time to take a long, hard look at the way you and your team have been operating up to now.

Here are some questions to consider as you move from "getting the phone to ring" on to "when the phone rings". Start with the basics:

When the phone rings what exactly do you do???
Who answers the phone, email, mail AND what is said?
How are the phone, email and mail answered? (words, tone, script, timeliness)
Where are calls directed - and why?
Who has what information? How is it shared? Who needs "to know"... and "what" should be known by all?
How are inquiries handled? (messages, lists, call backs, info mailing)
How do you follow-up with leads?
Who is responsible for answering questions and handling concerns?
Where and how are inquiries recorded, shared and stored?

Again, copious notes, please... this is how you start the creation of systems that work. Yes, it can be time consuming, and, the good news is: other than occasional "tweaking", a good system only has to be created ONCE to be effective over and over again.

Stay tuned for Systemizing Your Business: How Do I Get Started? Part 4, when we'll be generating the questions behind building systems for product creation and delivery.

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