Systemizing Your Business: How Do I Get Started? Part 4

April 10, 2008 | Coaching, Process Design, Systemizing | Sandye


Thoughts from your Systems Goddess, Sandye Linnetz, Process Prodigy

Okay, systems students, here's Part 4... what Michael Gerber, author of The Emyth Revisited calls: PRODUCT CREATION. This is where the proverbial tire actually does hit the road! This is where we deal with production and product delivery.

The systems you develop in this area of your business are the ones that carry you from a purchase order to SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Once again it is time to pick up the pencil (or grab the keyboard) and make notes and lists. The more precise and clear you can be about HOW YOU CURRENTLY WORK and WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE...The easier it will be to create systems that will work for you. In fact, if your notes are REALLY good, your systems will practically write themselves!

Again, we start with the questions:

What is your product and how do you manufacture it?

What are the steps taken to get your clients from "yes" to "payment"?

Who is responsible for each of those steps?

How do you actually deliver your products or services?

Do you have a communication plan - internal and external?

Do you have a calendar planned out for weekly or monthly newsletters/mailings/seminars or general client contact?

Who works directly with the clients and how are those meetings set up?

Who is responsible for that?

How do you work with your clients?

Who is responsible for what?

What do you do for follow-up after sales?

What about after market sales?

And don't forget about core business things like administrative tasks, bookkeeping and strategic planning. What do you do to take care of these things? Do you schedule appointments? Who does that? These count as part of your product creation because they directly support your products and services.When designing systems for the production and delivery area of your business remember that your clients deserve and appreciate excellent customer service. How do you handle that... and who's responsible?

Asking the right questions will move you to action. And the right actions, when repeated consistently will take you over the top.

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