Systemizing Your Business: STOP Before You SIGN on the Dotted Line

June 5, 2009 | Contracts, Money Management | Sandye

Thoughts from your Systems Goddess, Sandye Linnetz, Process Prodigy

You found it! That product that could make a real difference in your business is available. You got the details and, yes, it looks like you should invest the money and go for it... Now, what do you do BEFORE you sign on the dotted line?


STOP to make sure that "this is the one" by asking yourself: Is this the only game in town or can I get this somewhere else? Shop around before you buy. LOOK around to see what else is available, what other people are using, and LISTEN to what others have to say about the company you are about to engage. When you are ready to say "yes", do so with the knowledge that you've done your homework - that you are clear about what you are expecting and that what you are expecting is a promised result.

If you're "gambling" with $100, it won't make or break you; when you're putting thousands of dollars on the line you need a sure bet.
Any contract you sign should spell out what is required of each party.

What are you agreeing to? How much are you spending in dollars? What else are you agreeing to in this exchange for products and/or services? Said another way, what else is contractually required of you (time, implementation, following prescribed "advice", homework)? What are you getting for dollars spent?

What is the product or service? What is the promised result? Is it measurable? By whom? Have your expectations been made clear to - and agreed upon by - your vendor?

What is the cost? How are payments - if any - to be made?
When is payment due? What happens if you are late in paying or miss a payment?

What if you "change your mind"? Do you have the right to terminate or cancel the policy? Are there time constraints? Is there a grace period - a set amount of time for you to decide that your decision was either good or bad for you - and cancel the contract? What would be considered "cause" for cancellation? What is the recourse if you are not "satisfied" that the promised result was produced? Don't sign anything unless you are confident about the results and willing to pay accordingly.

You did the homework... you signed on the dotted line. Now make the payments and reap the rewards!

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