Systemizing Your Business: Why that GRAND GESTURE never works

April 12, 2008 | Success, Systemizing | Sandye


Thoughts from Sandye Linnetz, Systems Goddess, Process Prodigy

Life is filled with wonderful "peak experiences", isn't it? Take a minute to recall the joyful events and ahah moments of YOUR life. Pretty great, huh? What happens after the peak experience? Not so great... Generally, shortly after something goes "right" - or we have a "miracle" in our life - things go "back to normal" and we put that peak experience away in a memory file called "things that once went remarkably right". Sometimes that experience felt so good... was so remarkable... that we make a grand gesture to recreate that time. Doesn't often work, does it?

Let's look at a few very practical examples of the grand gestures we make in the course of life:

Really cleaning up our desk or workspace

Sending out one MASSIVE EMAIL to your clients

A 24-hour fast

A really long, hard physical workout

So we make the GRAND GESTURE... and for a few hours or days or weeks, all is right with the world. Then CRASH! Back to "normal". SO WHAT'S MISSING???? WHY THE BACK TRACK? You guessed it. When you see what's missing - what doesn't work - it's time to put SYSTEMS into place. If you want to keep having the consistent, positive results in your business (read that as "in your life") you have to create and follow a results designed system!

Want a clean desk? One shot clean-up won't do it. Ask yourself what you would need to do on a REGULAR basis to keep the desk clean. It may be as simple as defining where everything goes and then... putting them there! Determine what gets filed and what gets trashed. You may have to clean up at the end of every day.

A 24-hour fast won't make you slimmer any more than a really long, hard workout will make you physically fit. You need a system for eating smarter and a regular exercise regime.Yes, you may have to begin with a GRAND GESTURE, but all grand gestures have to be followed with a system to guarantee results.

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