Systemizing Your Business: YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW

May 1, 2008 | Process Design, Project Management | Sandye


Thoughts from your Systems Goddess, Sandye Linnetz, Process Prodigy

For just a moment, let's take a trip down memory lane... remember back to your school days... are you there yet? Okay, leave the prom, the "big football game" and your buddies. While it may not feel as good, take yourself back to the classroom - on test day.

This is not a pop quiz. You knew the test was coming and you knew what material it was going to cover. Chances are you even knew the value of the material being covered. So, in preparation for test day: Did you listen in class? Did you ask questions? Did you participate in discussions? Did you read the text? Did you do the assignments? Did you review and study?

How did you know what to study? Did your teacher have you prepare or give you an overview? Were there outlines at the end of each chapter? Did you create or use a study guide? What did you do to ensure that you learned the material? Did you have "practice tests"? Did you have a special place and/or time for studying? What was your study "process"? Did you have a method for gauging your ongoing success?

Now, let's imagine... You are a farmer. Overalls... work shoes... tractor... rooster crowing... fresh air... It's harvest time!

The "fruits" (well, probably vegetables) of your labor are finally ripe and ready. Is it a big crop? A healthy crop? Chances are you prepared for this day - as if it was an important test. Did you find out what would grow best on your land? Select all of the necessary and best tools and supplies? Did you prepare the ground? Plant the seeds? Water, fertilize, weed and nurture? Did you do this within a time frame? In a particular order? How did you know that everything you needed to do was being done and being done effectively? What checks and balances did you have in place?

Everything you did in school - and on the farm - contributed to your end result. The systems and processes you put into place, revised as necessary and actually used, all came together to determine your level of success. If you knew where you started from... had an end result in mind... and created a plan to get there, you had a HUGE HARVEST and good grades, too!

School or farming or BUSINESS... same idea applies: What you reap, so shall you sow!

Successful project management in your business is much the same as taking that final exam or harvesting a crop. How you prepared... the systems you put into place will determine your outcome and success. Stay tuned for more on PROJECT MANAGEMENT from Process Prodigy and your Systems Goddess.

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