Systemizing Your Business: You’re the Boss… Who’s in Charge?

December 27, 2008 | Management, Success | Sandye


Thoughts from your Systems Goddess, Sandye Linnetz, Process Prodigy

So, my fellow bosses, what can be done to make sure that, as the boss, you are in charge of your own destiny... i.e., the success of your company? It's one thing to be THE BOSS... another to be in control. Here are some simple ideas that will help to keep you on track.

Probably most important of all is: Don't assume that because it is your company that you have all of the answers. Never be embarrassed or afraid to consult with an expert... or ask your team for suggestions. Remember that old adage about "two heads are better than one"? Brainstorming is so effective to see ALL the sides of any given situation. You have a point of view. That's not a bad thing, but it can be limiting. Often, just being open to seeing things from another - different - point of view, allows for new ideas and possibilities.

What are your areas of expertise? Where are you ineffective? What are your creative and management strong points? Weaknesses? It's important that you recognize the limits of your expertise and know in which areas you would benefit most from outside help. Got a problem? A question? The Internet is often your most valuable source for answers. Go to google or yahoo and type in a question (leave out the "extraneous" words) and you will be amazed at the plethora of help that is available at NO COST! If you are a member of OES - Outrageously Effective Systems - Process Prodigy's Monthly Subscription Program for creating the - dare I say it? - OUTRAGEOUSLY EFFECTIVE SYSTEMS for operating your company, take advantage of the Q & A's, podcasts and monthly materials. If you are not a member... check it out and sign up!

Think reverse Golden Rule: Do Unto Yourself as You Would Do Unto Others. Be as understanding and patient with yourself as possible. Take the time to assess your skills and acknowledge your strong points. Then, and only then, is it time to work on your weaknesses and fill the gaps that you need to fill. Just as your employees NEED recognition and praise... so do you. If you can't afford to give yourself a raise... give your self an occasional bonus or, at the very least, a healthy pat on the back, when it is merited. You are not just the boss... you are your own employee, too!

Hopefully, you do not expect your employees to read your mind - you actually tell them what you want and expect of them. With good communication and effective systems in place, your team knows what to do and when and how to do it. Give yourself the same consideration. Don't continuously recreate the wheel. Create systems instead and follow them. Don't rely on your memory... write it out.

Take breaks... don't skip meals, don't work until you drop or give up your valuable and precious vacation time. Seriously, everyone will benefit from your peace, balance and the sense of calm you will exude if you are well rested and less stressed. Taking that short break, nap or vacation could actually end up being a gift to your team and clients! The boss shouldn't be suffering from exhaustion. That generally translates to a fatigued business operation and a stressed-out staff. Don't think your clients won't pick up on that. Tired, cranky people let things fall through the cracks. Rest and an occasional "get out of Dodge" engender a happier, healthier work environment, positive attitudes and atmosphere of success.

Find balance in your management style. There is a very happy space between micromanaging and being out of touch and disorganized. The key is communication. For some of us, this is the easy part... the rest of us could probably use some work on our communication skills and a dose of good management training. A visit to the business section of your local book store may be in order...

With effective systems written out and accessible to all, you have created the foundation for a business that will run itself... one that you can simply "oversee".   Add to that clear communication skills, a little personal pampering, a dose of R & R (rest and relaxation) and a smooth management style and you will find that YOU are actually running your business. It will then be abundantly clear Who Is The Boss and Who's in Charge!

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