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"Beth is an absolute miracle worker!"

We were completely overwhelmed with the daunting task of creating all of our company policy and procedural manuals! With the demands of every day business, we just couldn't manage to squeeze in the time, but we could see that our business was suffering without having clear procedures and protocols in place...a catch 22 of the worst kind!

Beth to the rescue! In each hourly phone session with Beth we produced ten times more than we could have ever done alone. With her experience and expertise, she knew all of the right questions to ask us to capture every detail of our operation; things we would have most certainly overlooked had we tried to do this on our own!

Right in front of our eyes, on our computer screen, she created easy-to-follow flow charts that we could immediately implement with our entire team. Beth has saved us so much valuable time and countless hours of frustration! To top it off, her sense of humor and easy going personality make her an absolute joy to work with!

We enthusiastically recommend Beth to any individual or business that suffers from lack of organization or just needs a little help mastering some of the mundane tasks that keep getting shoved to the side. If you want the job done and done well, hire Beth! She's a professional's professional!"

Tracy & Patrick Monteforte

"Wow! I can not believe how cool this process is."

Alex Lowy In the first session, I realized we were not collecting all the prospects info when they first called, so we quickly figured out a system for that. Then my consultant, Jami suggested a way for me to save several hours a week! Talk about ROI! And we just started. You guys rock!

Alex Lowy, CPA

"Beth Schneider is a process genius!"

Ali Brown We've been working with Beth for 6 months and since that time we have increased our team as well as created more efficient systems and procedures. We are expecting to more than DOUBLE our profits this year to over $2 MILLION, partly because of Beth's helping us create systems to keep up with our growth."

Ali Brown
Online Entrepreneur and Million Dollar Marketing Coach


"As a well known marketing and business strategist for entrepreneurs, I can teach you how to build and market a business to have the clients running to your door. However, if you don't have the systems in place to manage that growth - it is completely useless.

I have worked with a lot of entrepreneurs and Beth knows her stuff! Beth has made six figure differences in my business and the businesses of many of my clients. If you want to earn more and work less, talk to Beth today!!"

Kelly O'Neil
Kelly O'Neil International


I didn't realize how much my business would be nefit from Beth's help until we dug in. I worked primarily with Jami McKinney-brainstorming all the possible steps and the timelines involved in running my online business. Jami helped take the many ideas floating in my head (which as a serial entrepreneur are many) and created timelines for everything, so I'm very clear on my future action steps.

Together we created a process for all the st eps involved in driving traffic to my site-joint ventures, social networking, article marketing etc. We also created simple systems for each of the processes in my business - from how an ezine goes out, to the steps for putting on a teleclass. These became the basis for my team's operations manual. Now all the members of my virtual team are clear as to their responsibilities, exactly when and how things get done. Most importantly if one's away, someone else can take over because all the steps are laid out.

I am extremely proud that my site is as sophisticated on the back-end as it is on the front. In creating all these systems, the site and my team are very well-prepared for the growth we are in the process of achieving.

Kim DeYoung


  • Terri Romine

    Able to Reconnect to Important Relationships By Putting Systems in Place

    I have had probably THE best Summer ever, and I owe a lot of that to having systems and a project manager so that things ran smoothly and clients felt completely taken care of while I was away. I truly disconnected and was able to reconnect really important relationships that had suffered lately!

    - Terri Romine, CEO Fusion Marketing Agency

  • Matt Arndt

    More Money, Less Pain... Converting Prospects Became Automatic

    "I would recommend this system, and Process Prodigy as a company to anyone who is looking to systemize parts of their business and marketing. Thank You Process Prodigy!"

    - Matt Arndt

  • Kelly O'Neil

    Marketing To Millionaires Genius Sees... SIX Figure Increase from OPS!

    "I can teach you how to market a business to have the clients running to your door. However, if you don't have the systems in place to manage that is completely useless."

    - Kelly O'Neil

  • "I was a bit skeptical at first, but now, after completing one of Beth Schneider's Million Dollar Marketing all-day workshops, all I can say is WOW! Beth gives a great clear and professional presentation that is interesting, entertaining and really engages everyone. She is one of those rare individuals that is terrific at both doing it AND explaining it. She had great handouts, and also allowed us ample time to put the info into practice."

    - Cynthia Tanyan
    Mozaic Landscape

  • "Working with Beth Schneider has been phenomenal. When I met Beth, I was setting my own appointments and doing my own data entry. I was doing grunt work and I had no time to work on the growth strategies for my business. Beth helped me set up systems and an amazing team and my sales figures rose dramatically."

    - Linda Hollander
    - Wealthy Bag Lady

  • - Tera McHugh
    Association of Women Entrepreneurs -