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By Beth Schneider Wachner, President/CEO, Process Prodigy

As I sat enjoying my unexpectedly tasty quesadilla in the Phoenix airport I was silently negotiating with myself. In front of me was the Carvel Ice cream store and I was deciding if I wanted the extra calories, when suddenly this magic voice from behind the counter says, "who wants some ice cream?"

Next thing I know the manager is bringing me a cone. As I was thinking, "Wow, I just wished myself a cone," he explained they were training the staff to make the perfect swirl and I just happened to be the recipient of that training. Now that's my kind of training.

See the great thing about having a great swirl system, or any system for that matter is that it's repeatable, delegable and multiple people can learn HOW to get something done. But here's the catch. You actually have to train people to understand and use your systems.

I often see small business owners bring on a new team member and then expect the new team member to magically figure out what needs to be done and the system for doing it. Most don't take the time to explain and train and then wonder why they can't ever get anyone to stay.

Think of my ice cream experience. If they'd just hired someone and said, "Hey welcome to the ice cream team. Now go make some treats." They probably would waste a lot of time, energy and money. The new person would have no idea how big cones should be, how to make the perfect swirl, if they need gloves after touching the cash register, etc.

These imperfections are the variables that make small business owners think they should just do everything on their own. The missing piece here is training!

Here are some tips to get your team members creating the perfect swirl.

1. Lay out the system. You've heard me say this before. Layout step-by-step what you want your team member to do and how they need to do it.

2. Create a training agenda. Create a list of everything that you want to cover, so you don't accidentally leave anything off.

3. Don't just throw the systems at them. Take the time to explain the steps and walk them through what they need to do. It's kind of like giving them a tour of everything. Let them take notes and soak it all in.

4. Let them show you they understand. Once you've shown them what to do, then ask them to demo it back to you. Having them actually perform the system will show you where they need further training.

5. Support them as they learn and get used to everything. Even the most experienced team member has to get used to a new environment. Support them by setting regular check-in dates and times so there is plenty of time for them to answer questions and provide further training.

Does this take some time? Yes, but you'll be surprised at what a difference a little training will make. Your team will be more effective, faster which will quickly add to your bottom line.

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