This Breaks My Heart

November 22, 2014 | Systemizing | Beth Schneider

Ever feel trapped? Afraid that if you stop working even for a few days things will collapse?

The other day I was at a small business networking event. You know the kind with that awesome rubber chicken.

I was eavesdropping (but it wasn't my fault because they were talking really loudly) on a business owner talking about her upcoming vacation.

First, she was super excited to be getting away. Then you could see her face change as she talked about how completely stressed out and overwhelmed she's been trying to figure out how to get everything done before she leaves.

Finally, she was sad when it became clear she'd have to take her laptop with her. So much for getting away from it all.

It breaks my heart that she went from so excited to so sad. To me, it's pretty clear that there are some key systems missing in her business. Otherwise, she would be getting things done faster and feel more confident about delegating while she's gone.

People ask us all the time how they can start putting systems in place. Inspired by what I overheard, I asked our Outrageously Effective Systems coach, Sandye, to break down our system building process. This is one "how to" system you'll want to save and print so it's always handy.


Beth Schneider Wachner

HOW DO I BUILD A SYSTEM? (and please keep it simple)

By Sandye Linnetz, Systems Accountability Coach, Process Prodigy

So you know that you NEED systems; and now you WANT systems. Here are the ridiculously simple steps for creating them. Please note that I said 'simple', not easy and not necessarily 'quick'. If building a system is worth doing (and it is), it's worth doing well! Take your time with the steps...remember: YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO IT ONCE!!! And, hey, it's YOUR system, so if it needs a tweak now and then, tweak away.

1. WHAT AM I DOING? (Where am I now and what does it look like here?)
Wouldn't you like to get to the source of your stress and overwhelm so that you can eliminate it? First make a list of the areas in your business that aren't working for you... either you have no standard way of doing them or the way you're currently doing them simply doesn't work well. (hint: It might be a long list)
Seriously, this is like doing one of those annoying food diaries. Yes, it can be a pain, but you learn so much about yourself and your 'bad' habits. It's the same with the way you work. You don't really know what you are doing - or where you are self-sabotaging - until you closely examine how you currently do things. And WRITE IT DOWN.
You may have a fantastic system that doesn't work because it's 'in your head'! Get it out of your head and into a read-able, share-able format. Sorry to tell you this, but no matter how brilliant your plan may be, if you haven't written it down - in a format that others can understand and follow - you don't really have a system that will work for you.

2. WHERE AM I GOING? (Where do I want to end up? What's the goal in a perfect world?) This step is really great. This is where you get to say how it all 'should be'. Think 'in a perfect world' here... reach for new heights and you get to create a goal worth reaching. How do you want things to look? What results do you want? And, dare I say it again, WRITE IT DOWN!

3. HOW DO I GET THERE? (What must I do to get there and what order do I need to do it in?)
Time to create the actual system... Now you decide what has to happen - in what order - to achieve your results. Reverse engineering works really well here. Don't leave out ANY steps, even if they seem obvious to you. Just about anyone should be able to pick up this system and follow it, so be specific. Who should be involved? What should each person do?

Be the guy who plans ahead and expects the unexpected. Remember that there are always potential blocks and 'snafus', so plan for them by making the IF-THEN part of your system. (Include simple things like: IF no one answers the phone, THEN call back.)

The most fantastic system imaginable may not work just because it's 'in your head'! Get it out of your head and into a read-able, share-able format. WRITE IT DOWN!
And if you'd like us to help you identify what systems in your business need to be created or adjusted or written down take advantage of our complimentary business assessment. No obligation. No strings. You can get started at


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