Umm…what the heck is a “new luxe business?”

May 27, 2015 | Business Tools | Beth Schneider

My friend and colleague, Kelly O'Neil, and a few other passionate business owners, put together a FR*E live stream event to answer this very question. They want you to know that your "new luxe business" is the business that brings you more money and more time - without compromising your values. You can live in a way that feels rich to you without going broke trying to do it!

The way to achieve your New Luxe Business is to focus 100% of your energy on high-payoff strategies and activities - in your marketing, with your team, with your money and with your products and services.

So, if you'd like to create a "new luxe business" for yourself (no matter where you are with your business right now), I'd like to invite you to join the FR*E livestream my biz friends put together called:

"THE NEW LUXE Livestream: The No B.S., Behind-The-Scenes Truth About Our Industry's Dirty Little Secrets - and What it REALLY Takes To Create A Truly High-Net-LIFE Business (From The People Who Know!)"


When you join The New Luxe Livestream on Saturday, May 30th from 8 am to 11 am Pacific time, you will discover:

* The 3 DIRTY LIES of owning 6- and 7-figure businesses you must know so that you can avoid making these mistakes

* Why YOUR values and priorities MUST come first - yes, even before your family, friends or clients! - so you don't burn out

* Why making 6- and 7-figures doesn't always mean you've made anywhere close to that much money - and how to put PROFIT FIRST! so you can keep more of the money you make

* The ineffective way to attract high-worth clients that most people are teaching and how to actually attract the clients who can afford your fees so that you aren't struggling to pay your bills each month

* Why you might want to stop trying to "build your list" and put your focus on THIS instead

* Why you are doing too much and how to break this habit and streamline your activity so that you can just push the 'easy' button in your business

* The MOST effective business strategies for creating more time and more money so that your business brings you and your clients JOY and SATISFACTION

* How to bring the "inner terrain" - more heart, authenticity, spirit, and receptivity - into your business

(WARNING: some of these strategies may irritate you with their simplicity and you may wonder why you didn't think of them yourself!)

So, please bring pen and paper to this live stream as your hosts will be taking your questions LIVE!


This livestream is FREE and nothing is being sold.

Come join the party and discover how you, too, can have a "new luxe business" and a "high-net life!"

Saturday, May 30th, 8 am to 11 am Pacific time.


Take care,

P.S. Your hosts put together a bundle of juicy bonuses for you - but you can only gain access to these free gifts when you attend the livestream LIVE! So don't miss out and


Meet Your "New Luxe Business" Team:

Kelly O'Neil is the creator of Marketing To Millionaires™ and the owner of The Innovate Brand Agency. She is a TV host, best-selling author, award-winning brand marketing strategist and mentor to entrepreneurs who want to transform their brilliant ideas into visionary brands, create profitable platforms, attract affluent clients and become known leaders in their niche. Kelly O'Neil is no stranger to the good life. Having been raised by an affluent family in the Silicon Valley where private planes and luxury vacation homes were a way of life, she set out after college to create her own wealth - and succeeded. In 2000, she left a thriving career in corporate public relations and founded her company where she works with business owners to create thriving lifestyle businesses. Her company was named one of the most innovative companies in America by Seth Godin and she has become the 'expert to the experts' in regards to creating innovative brands worthy of thought leader status.

Barb Wade, creator of "The 6-Figure Business Breakthrough Academy," "The Get-To-Yes Formula" Mastery Course and "Turning Conversations Into Clients," is a world-class expert at teaching entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, and mentors the exact strategies to make more money more easily while enjoying a business and lifestyle that are built around their top priorities. Barb firmly believes that one of the biggest benefits of running your own business is that it allows you the freedom and flexibility for what's most important to you! That's why she is dedicated to training her clients in the fastest and most strategic methods in business building - those that produce BIG results quickly and consistently.

Baeth Davis is known as the "Royal Advisor," the secret sage to global leaders, including celebrities, scientists and entrepreneurs. Using her intuition, extensive shamanic experience, 15 years in business and expertise in scientific hand analysis, she helps you discover your life purpose, reclaim your shadow and step into the passionate leader you know you are. She has recently been asked to be on the advisory board of the Unstoppable Foundation and is committed to bringing the consciousness of Life Purpose to the educational system globally.
Kendra Thornbury helps soul-centered women and evolutionary leaders create spiritual and financial freedom so that they have a greater impact & make more money....all while being true to who they are! She is passionate about making it easy for those called to serve theawakening on the planet to effectively help more people while doubling, tripling or quadrupling their income. Kendra holds a Masters Degree and is an international highly acclaimed coach, spiritual guide, speaker, facilitator, humanitarian and entrepreneur. She's on the cutting edge of spiritual thought and conscious business practice, blazing a new trail and wealth revolution. She has served as a board member for the Women's Business Exchange, Woman's Way Red Lodge and has been President for the Washington Chapter of the International Coaching Federation. A personal growth junkie, Kendra's latest adventures in challenging the
status quo include packing her belongings in storage and traveling for three years (and still counting). Labels aside, she considers herself a human being simply doing her best to walk a path of authenticity and integrity while making a much-needed difference.


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