What do the Three Little Pigs and your business have in common?

January 30, 2014 | Uncategorized | Beth Schneider

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf ….

Remember The Three Little Pigs?

I bet you sang along to that classic song as a kid and didn’t realize that those pigs and that wolf were actually delivering a very powerful business building message.

Yes, I know it seems a little crazy, but it’s all here:

Most people lose money in their businesses because they are accidentally following the advice of the wrong pig.

According to Start Up Business Hub 57.1% of all small businesses have revenues of less than $25,000 year! And 85% of small business go under in their 1st year.

And what's crazy about this is that it totally doesn't need to be this way...

So we decided to help you by sharing the lessons you need from the RIGHT pig.

You’ve got great ideas, you work hard, and you’re smart. But if you’re not experiencing the freedom you want or the money you know you should be making…then that’s a clear sign the big bad wolf is huffing and puffing and blowing your business down.

To help support you on your business building adventure, we are leading a FREE “not to be missed” training on February 11 called…

Make Sure Your Great Idea is Bringing in the Bacon: Kick Start Your Profits in 30 Days or Less

During the training, we will show you…

----> How to take action on your exciting ideas and still get back 3 to 5 hours of your time each week.

----> The red flags that mean you’re following the wrong pig and what you need to focus on so that YOU are clear and know exactly what to do first for the biggest impact!

----> How to create and implement an unstoppable formula so that you have enough money to do what you want, when you want…in 30 days (or less).

As if that's not enough, when you register, we are also going to give you access to three bonus trainings:

1. Piggy #1 Bonus: Learn Why Your Programs and Products Aren’t Making Money.
2. Piggy #2 Bonus: Get Help Now Action Plan: How to Effectively Delegate For Success
3. Piggy #3 Bonus: Business Blueprint: How to Double Your Profits and Double Your Time Off!

If you are a business owner that has an awesome idea for your business, but are struggling with turning those ideas into actual money you can deposit in the bank, this is one training you don’t want to miss.

Click here to save your seat:

And don’t let fear of the big bad wolf stop you from joining in!!

See you there,


PS: If you think someone would benefit from these business lessons, go ahead and pass along the details! The more the merrier ☺

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