What Michael Bublé Taught Me About Systems

February 4, 2010 | Business, Communication, Management, Planning, Uncategorized | Beth Schneider-Wachner

A big thank you to all of you who took advantage of our going away sale last week.   It's sad to say goodbye to my very first program, but it was time.   We've got some great new programs coming your way this year plus we're working on a new look and feel for our website.   Stay tuned for the big reveal.


Ever have one of those weeks when you can't remember what day it is.   That's how this last week has been for me.   After a few days in Palm Springs, friends coming to town for the Grammys, a seminar and my sister-in-law heading to the hospital (she's about to deliver twin girls any day now) I'm ready for a nap.   Good thing Jami, my senior consultant, is running the calls for our Outrageously Effective Systems program.


Even after all these years of focusing on systems, I can still get a surprise.   I learned a systems lesson from music mega star, Michael Bublé.   Check out this week's article to see what that could possibly be.





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Here I am in Palm Springs with several mastermind buddies and clients. I highly recommend joining a group, the ideas and support are worth a million bucks.


What I Learned About Systems from Michael Bublé
By Beth Schneider

I'm a big fan of Michael Bublé, so when a 2-hour drive to Palm Springs popped up on my calendar I was excited to pop in the new album and sing along . . .alone, in the privacy of my sound proof car of course.  

Like every good downloadable product, there were a couple of bonuses that came with the album. A video and instrumental version of one of the songs were part of the package.  

About 2.5 hours into my 2-hour trip (gotta love L.A. traffic) the instrumental version of the song popped up and I began to sing along.   Then I realized something.  

I had now listened to that same song at least a dozen times. If you had asked me if I knew all the words I would emphatically said YES.   But suddenly there I was in the middle of the second verse - totally stumped.


So what does this tell us about systems? I hear all the time:


==>      "It's mainly just me so I don't have to write anything done."  

==>      "Gee it's really not time for me to put things on paper, we just all know it all."==>    "We'll get everything straightened out and then we'll document our systems."

==>  "We all know what to do, so we'll worry about the system later."

Just like I thought I knew all the words, many business owners make the assumption that they and their team members know all the steps.   It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking you know it all, but actually you end up forgetting steps, singing the same verse twice and wondering why things seem to be falling through the cracks.


Take action right now.   Take 1 task you do over and over again, like paying bills, talking to new clients, asking for referrals, launching a product, sending a newsletter, etc and write out all the steps you go through.   You'll be surprised at what you accidentally leave off or can't remember.  

And if you decide you are tired of singing the wrong words, we're happy to help.   Just give our office a call 888-584-5452 ex 707.


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