When They Go… The SYSTEM works!

Thoughts from Sandye Linnetz, Systems Goddess, Process Prodigy

When someone is fired, retires, takes a leave of absence or quits working at your company, STRESS comes knocking. You spend time, energy and money to make the exit smooth and trouble free. You and your team can end up overworked and frustrated OR the transition can be smooth and relatively easy. It all depends on the system you have in place to handle the exit and the aftermath.

As always, design and depend on a system that allows you to handle the situation in a clear, effective manner... with rules in place for what to do and who should do it. Plan for the unexpected and never be taken by surprise. Plan ahead and never lose time when a decision has to be made. A system, in place, creates clarity and order at a time when chaos could otherwise rule. When you have developed and implemented an effective system for "loss" of an employee, you will not have the added stress of "winging it" each time someone quits, retires, gets fired or takes a leave of absence.

Here are the three main questions to ask yourself when designing any system for your company:

Assess who is currently doing what... and how that works. How do you currently handle employee "loss"? What works well? What doesn't work? Who does what? How do they do it? Evaluate the current system - if there is one - and work from there. Of course, everything should be in writing and ready to share.

What results do you need/want in order to continue to operate effectively and fill any void? In a "perfect world" what should the disruption level be? What is the end result you are seeking? Smooth transition?

What is your "game plan" to roll with the changes and end up in even better shape than you were before the loss? Who should be in on decision making? What decisions need to be made? What is the follow-up and who is responsible for it? Who will pick up the slack? What support will be needed? How will you evaluate your success?

Brush off the flow chart, uncap that felt tip pen and get to work! First design the plan. Share it with everyone on the staff... get the team to work together and see "how this will be done". This is your blueprint for success... it can be easily followed by anyone on the team - even revised, if necessary. Create a system today and survive a "loss" tomorrow.

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