Why systematizing your business is crucial…a personal message

November 7, 2014 | Notes From Beth, Systemizing | Beth Schneider

I'm weird. I get that most people don't get excited about flowcharts and process improvement sessions like I do.

But truth be told, it's really not pretty charts and graphs that make me's the results of those charts.

Since today would have been my mom's 64th birthday, I thought I'd share this with you.

Last year after some business planning I felt stuck on a specific strategy and decided I needed some help. So I found a coach and jumped in...with a substantial 5-figure investment. I did it because I wanted the knowledge AND I created a detailed plan of how that money would not only come back pretty quickly, but it would lead to a whole lot more.

Seemed like a good plan.

But you know how it laid plans.

Just 2 days after I met with my new coach, my Mother, who was suffering from cancer, took a significant turn for the worse. She broke her pelvis, then her collar bone, then her left arm, then her right arm in 2 places and from coughing a couple of ribs. At least, that's what the doctors knew of, there might have been more. The cancer had invaded her body so much she was like a china doll being dropped over and over. She was in the hospital for three weeks, and I couldn't bear to be away from her.

With no notice, I just stopped working.

Instead of following the plan to recoup the 5-figure investment I'd made, I spent my days visiting her at the hospital, giving her sips of water, combing her hair, singing her songs, telling her our family stories and inside jokes. I was desperately praying that the happy memories were stronger than the intense pain meds, and my words were giving her happy dreams.

Her drastic day-to-day deterioration was incredibly painful to watch.

And then she died.

Right before the funeral I had a fleeting thought, is it easier when you have a chance to say goodbye, or is it better if it's sudden and there's no pain? Well it wasn't long before I experienced the answer. At my Mother's funeral, my Mother-In-Law had a heart attack, fell over and also died. I lost both of my moms in 4 days.

In my overwhelming and excruciating grief, I didn't even have the strength to talk to the people on my team.

But as it turns out, I didn't have to. They took over handling not just their own roles, but most of mine as well. Sales calls were happening. Orders were processed. Brand new clients were being set up and taken care of. Meetings were cancelled and rescheduled. Everything just kept moving along.

I didn't have to be there. My business kept going without me.

And to me, that's the true definition of REAL FREEDOM. Here's a question for you, if something major happened in your life or in the life of a key team member - happy or sad - what would happen to your business?

Do you have REAL FREEDOM or just the illusion of freedom?

Sadly, most people I talk to don't even have the illusion of freedom. They take their laptops on vacation, "push through" crazy illnesses when they should be in bed, miss time with their family because one more thing just has to get done right now.

The first step to getting you and your business to REAL FREEDOM is to systematize and streamline your business in order to build a "systems dependent" business that can run whether you are there or not.

To get started, ask some of your key team members to start documenting what they do on a day to day basis. It's the first step to getting things to a place where you have that magic combo of great money and true freedom.

And if you'd like us to help you identify what systems in your business need to be created or adjusted, just go to We will get you set up to chat with a member of my team (and sometimes even me personally!). No obligation. No strings.

Take care,

Beth Schneider Wachner

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