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January 30, 2014 | Uncategorized | Beth Schneider

One of the sad truths about too many successful entrepreneurs is...they're running themselves ragged and working round the clock.

Their businesses are taking over their lives!

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Also, if you're working too hard, you're probably feeling some stress. Enjoy this week's article about to handle and get rid of stress.


Yes, I Have STRESS...It's Mine and I LOVE It!

By Sandye Linnetz, Systems Coach

While I am not a fan of 'dis-stress', I must admit that I am not one of those coaches who works to remove all stress from the lives of my clients. In fact, for me, the goal is to MANAGE stress, not make it disappear!

Stress, say the experts at Harvard Medical School, is an automatic, physical response to anything that requires us to adjust to change. What it is NOT, is a condition of life. Although it is something you have, it is not something you are stuck with...

We all have stress (different degrees at different times) - and that's the good news. Sure, the distress can be very, dare I say it, "distressing", yet it is the 'eus-stress' (the good stress) that gets our hearts beating and our feet moving to keep us out of danger. It is what stimulates us and keeps us focused. Yes, folks, that kind of stress has us do awesome presentations, confront potential clients, cheer for our team and feel excitement and joy.

Okay, bottom line on stress: When we discuss STRESS, we generally focus on the negative /bad stress because it can cause so many problems, but there are many kinds of STRESS.The question, then, is not "Do you have STRESS"? It is, instead, "What kind of STRESS do you have"? Here are some types of stress within the scale of distress to eustress:

Physical Stress (headaches, indigestion, insomnia - lots of sick days, adrenalin rush, high energy)

Social Stress (feels like all you do is work and sleep, excitement, find yourself withdrawing)

Cerebral Stress (feel brain dead, come to work and can't even get started, unexplained brilliance)

Emotional Stress (clinical depression, endorphin release, adrenalin rush, love, addictions - might be shopping or coffee, elation)

Spiritual Stress (joy, feeling of helplessness - want BIG changes, rapture)

Now the question is, how does one 'manage' stress so that you can optimize the good and lessen the bad? Here's the short answer - it's simple (though not always easy)... reframe the circumstances. It is NOT what's going on in your life that determines your negative stress level, it's what you believe about those circumstances.

Here's an example coming from a real life experience: I was driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for a much needed long weekend of R&R. Half way there it started to rain. Not drizzle. Pour. Storm. Yuck. It took a few minutes for me to get over the upset of a ruined vacation and then, it came to me... FREE CARWASH! Get the idea?

I am a master reframer... and I have a system for dealing with the circumstances in my life that could potentially create massive negative stress for me. When circumstances seem distressful (aka when sh*t happens) - when I feel those negative physical sensations begin - I actually acknowledge that there is a problem and it 'doesn't look good'. Although I do tend to be Susie Sunshine, I'm not oblivious to problems. So... I first look to see if there is anything that could be done to change/fix the situation. If yes, I do what I can to change/fix it. (Being in ACTION is a great stress manager). Next, if I see that there is nothing that I can do to reverse the situation, I look for positive possibilities and/or ways to salvage (Taking control of a situation - not being the victim - is also a great stress manager). Can't reverse and can't salvage??? Time to reframe... this is the creative part! What else can I make this mean? For example: That big order got canceled: Now I'm really ready for the next big order AND I know that I will ask for a 50% NONREFUNDABLE deposit up front!! Or, my computer crashed and I lost all my client information: What a great opportunity to personally speak to each client and update information!

Look, we all have STRESS... eustress and distress. Don't try to change it, MANAGE it!

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