Working toward the goal? Don\’t lose sight of the purpose!

October 27, 2007 | Goals, Motivation, Planning, Process Design, Success | Sandye

Thoughts from Sandye Linnetz, Systems Goddess, Process Prodigy

We've all been told about goal setting until we're blue in the face (whatever that means), and I do not question the value of goal setting, but be careful not to lose sight of your purpose. Purpose is the big one...

PURPOSE: (noun)
the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

What's the BIG picture for you? Goals are important... they are the "where am I going?" on the road map of your life. They are a part of your destination plan, and, yet, not your final destination. Your purpose is the "why" you are headed there. All that you are, do and have are a reflection of the purpose you declare for your life. The goals you set are the "mile markers" on the journey toward your destination.

Imagine that you want to take a road trip to New York from L.A. to experience, the bright lights of Broadway. Your purpose is clear; it's to "experience the bright lights of Broadway". Your goals will support that purpose: drive 400 miles each day, sleep comfortably for 8 hours every night, secure tickets for each play you want to see... Your actions will help you to achieve your goals and your goals will help you to fulfill your purpose.

Purpose isn't necessarily achievable. That's not a bad thing; it's just the way it is. It is, however a hugely motivating force moving you in the direction you chose. You have chosen already. You do have a purpose. Not believing that won't change anything. It may take you longer to discover it, but, just as not believing in gravity will not allow you to float off your feet, not believing that you have a purpose doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. So, what is your purpose?

If you already know your purpose and live from it, congratulations! If you are searching - or questioning, are you willing to take the time to discover it? It is a journey worth taking.

Many brilliant thinkers have developed methods to discover purpose. Some of those methods are more involved than others. There are even those who seem to make "discovering their purpose"... their purpose. Being open to the process of discovery will simply make it faster and easier.

First set aside a quiet place and time. This is a solitary task. Clear your mind of the daily minutiae and any preconceived ideas of what your purpose "should be". Realize that this discovery is unlikely to happen immediately (though, I suppose that it could).

On a bank sheet of paper (or on a blank computer screen) begin a list of answers to the question, "WHAT IS MY PURPOSE IN LIFE"? Allow yourself to express freely... with sentences, words, phrases... You'll know when you are close because what you write will bring up emotion and feel like the answer came from someplace other than your mind. In fact, it will have... Feel free to refine, repeat and add to your list. It may take pages before you end up with the resonating combination of words that moves you to tears. That's your purpose.

When you feel like giving up on this (and chances are, you will) keep pushing forward. Look back at the words and phrases that moved you. Put them together, rearrange them, add to them... Take a short break to clear your head, but don't stop.

The energy and emotional jolt you'll get from your discovery will inspire you to action that never seemed possible. In fact, possibility will explode around you. And, hey, did you see the word ACTION? This is not about the power of positive thinking. This is about discovering your PURPOSE and then moving to action to live it!

Enjoy the process and the journey.

© 2007 Beth Schneider.
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